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On The Prowl

– stalking through the sand dunes, being dog –

tzuri20151126_5860 as Smart Object-1

:) :) :)

Carpe Diem

– A good swim in the morning helps prevent a dog day afternoon –

tzuri20151005_4442 as Smart Object-1

:) :) :)

As Good As It Gets

tzuri20150922_3880 as Smart Object-1

Wet, rolling in the weeds, chomping down on her fetch ball – who could ask for anything more?

:) :) :)

Say, What?


me thinks this lil’ gal be trying to tell me something!

:) :) :)


Blowin’ in the Wind

In preparing a photo book celebrating Tzuri’s first two years I discovered some previously unprocessed images. Here she is wrestling a dragon in a fierce wind in Deming, New Mexico.

021a tzuri in NM20141202_154754 as Smart Object-1

:) :) :)

Dog Days & Nights

Ever since the day I brought her home Tzuri has loved to travel.

tzuri_D8X1167 as Smart Object-1

I do too but the downside is finding a comfortable place in a strange town for the two of us to play during her peak activity levels. When you’re tired from driving and hungry without a plan yet for dinner and the traffic is nasty and the only Park on the map is way across town – well, frustration can skyrocket.

Which is why after four years on the road our newly-established daily routine is such a delight.

6:00 am

Tzuri jumps up on my bed and silently gives me “the look” until my feet hit the floor.

tzuri20140516_0365 as Smart Object-1

6:30 am

We arrive at a nearby dog park overlooking Tampa Bay. It is barely light yet and we almost always have the place to ourselves. She chases and fetches nonstop at full gallop and in 15 minutes is exhausted.

Tzuri20150210_6913 as Smart Object-1

7:00 am

Arriving back home I finally get a cup of coffee and turn on my computer. Tzuri plops down and doesn’t move.

apartment20150310_124415 as Smart Object-1

8:00 am

We embark on a 20 minute drive to another Park on the Intracoastal Waterway adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. She retrieves her favorite stick which we carefully hide every day in the bushes and I throw it out into the water for her.

tzuri20150619_084552 as Smart Object-1

When she is thoroughly wet we hike a short ways to an open field where we play fetch again, with a rubber ball, and tug with a knotted rope. In between bouts of play we run through some obedience routines.


Then we take a long narrow route back to the car alongside an imposing fence outside the Bay Pines VA Hospital. MPs occasionally patrol the perimeter to make sure we’re not terrorists or, worse, escaped mental patients. Tzuri likes to listen to taps and the gun salute when they lower another dead guy into the ground at the adjacent cemetery.

Tzuri20150203_102208 as Smart Object-1

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Long nap for Tzuri. Plenty of time for me to get some work done on the computer again, lug my camera downtown for some street photography, and take my own 2-3 hour nap.

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Back to North Shore Park on Tampa Bay for a stroll along the seawall. The emphasis is not play this time, but leash walking on crowded sidewalks. The rule is she can’t strain at the end of the leash to go off on a tangent or attack people, dogs, cats, or squirrels.  She’s usually good for three out of five, depending on her mood.


6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Dinner and play. Tzuri is restless and drags me out at least once an hour for a neighborhood walk. Inside, she indicates her displeasure at my being on the computer by sitting many long minutes with a toy in her mouth and shaming me with a hangdog look.

tzuri20150703_1225 as Smart Object-1

Even when I go to the bathroom I am not spared her accusations of neglect.

tzuri20150703_211021 as Smart Object-1

10:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Other than occasionally licking out my (Vanilla Caramel flavored) coffee cup Tzuri has never tasted human food and receives only the very best “biologically appropriate” steamed kibble imported from Canada. I slip her plenty of small 2.5 calorie training “rewards” to mark correct behavior but no junk “treats” per se.

Lately, however, I have mellowed a bit and now I give her a spoonful of moist meat chunks from an ordinary can of dog food just before bedtime.

Just a spoonful, and in the morning I make her run it off.

10:30 pm – 1:00 am

My time.  Tzuri is down for the night.

tzuri20150511_090833 as Smart Object-1

And that’s the way it is, day after day.

:) :) :)




Happy Birthday!

If she misses Montana and the Northwest, Tzuri doesn’t show it.  Here on the Gulf Coast she has her own private beach and a daily dog-routine to die for, including three separate parks for romping and a myriad of back alleys for cat-hunting.

And as a birthday present she even saw a coyote yesterday, although much to her dismay I did not let them mingle.

tzuri in Boca Ciega Bay

:) Two years old today! :)


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