new dog teaches old man a trick or two

  • tzuri at Veterans Park
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  • tzuri at Bay Pines
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Down By The Seawall

Tzuri is 23 months old today.

Amazing how fast time trots!  I sure hope I figured our actuarial tables correctly in that we both reach the end of the road simultaneously.

tzuri at Veterans Park

Horrifying is the thought she might be farmed out to a less-than-optimal new owner if I go first.

Soccer Ball on a Handball Court

tzuri20150422_123446 as Smart Object-1

Tzuri gets her sports confused, and likes to make up her own rules.

:) :) :)

my grown up lil’ wolf-girl in b.&w.

tzuri at Bay Pines

 – dripping wet, w/ stick “rescued” from Boca Ciega Bay –

:) :) :)

What, Me Worry?

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

But fleas and ticks will never hurt me.

tzuri20150309_100338 as Smart Object-1

We were doing serious battle with Florida fleas until just recently when we switched from that worthless OTC topical called ‘Frontline’ which is supposed to be a monthly application but we were dosing 3/month to no effect.

Now we use an internal poison, Nexgard. If that doesn’t work, I’ll switch to mustard gas and flame throwers.

We hate fleas!

:) :) :)

A Foggy Morning

tzuri20150224_7258 as Smart Object-1

Bay Pines War Veterans Memorial Park, overlooking Boca Ciega Bay.

:) :) :)

Bad Hair Day

Tzuri – who is officially classified as a ‘long coat’ German Shepherd – shed a ton of hair when we left Northern California and stopped for a while in Tempe, Az.

Then she started growing it back again as soon as we got to Florida!

tzuri20150210_6892 as Smart Object-1

Note the uneven chunks of hair on her right flank.

tzuri20150210_6896 as Smart Object-1

No matter – she’s as playful as ever.

:) :) :)

The Bath

I post this picture of my friend Sarah (recently deceased) giving Bleu a bath on the off-chance that I can convince my dog – who has NEVER had a bath – that it might be fun to actually lather up once in a while.

Sarah & Bleu

You watching this, Tzuri?

muddy paws20150114_5571 as Smart Object-1

And Lordy does she need a-washin’ now & then, muddy paws and all!

:) :) :)



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