An Indomitable Will

Bad hips render Tzuri wobbly on her feet, punch-drunk, but she refuses to go down for the count.

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My Photo Assistant

Location scouting for ‘scenic views‘ in Montana.Β 

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Cats & Dogs

[While editing correspondence from my writer/artist friend Barbara Sparhawk, I ran across an observation about her cat & Tzuri I think worth sharing.]

I wondered about how much cats sleep and asked Tommy in his sleepy reverie full of purring what he was up to with more naps than awakes.Β 

He said:Β 

When cats sleep, they hold up the universe.Β  They travel vastly among the stars making sure the planets are in alignment and stars keep twinkling to please humans and inspireΒ all life, and making sure that the moon and sun are tending to business.Β 

So now I know.Β  It’s a fine mission.Β  In the next life I will be a cat.Β 

I’m sure Tzuri does some of the same, though I suspect the canine mission has much more to do with organizing life on earth, all in the present, requiring enormous energy.Β  Dogs always look so concerned for their humans lest they go astray.Β  I am convinced their sleep is respite from duty, and their playfulness a respite from the enormous tasks at hand, so much teaching to do.Β 

So there you are, two professors, united.

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“Like a rubber ball…”

Wherever we are, mountains or ocean, Tzuri finds her spot.

I don’t know why, but she likes to vigorously chew this ball for 45 minutes nonstop every morning at our ‘secret beach’.

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Not Me!

“What makes you think I’ve been diggin’ in CaliforniaΒ  dirt?”

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10 Minutes’ worth

Someone asked me if Tzuri sheds very much.

Each season she sheds every day for an entire month. This is 10 minutes of brushing.

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Out ridin’ fences in Big Sky country.

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