Queen of the Ruff Collar

A quick google search of “pyometra” is enough to rattle anyone’s composure.

Dr. Montor wasn’t open on weekends but she got Tzuri under the knife first thing Monday morning, three days after diagnosis. (Although X-rays on Friday showed the uterus infection – which can burst and flood the abdominal cavity with nasty bacteria – had not yet progressed to a life-threatening level.) The surgery itself was not complicated, a routine spay to remove reproductive organs.

Variously called Elizabethan collar, e-collar, Buster collar, pet cone, pet lamp-shade, or cone of shame, the protective shield Tzuri came home with upset me as much as her, maybe more so.

She did, however, receive a get well note and gift from the two German Shepherds across the street.

Not that Tzuri has ever met them, of course, and given her temperament, likely never will.

The good news is that her stitches came out yesterday and Tzuri is fine. The bad news is that she won’t let me throw the e-collar away.

Why not?

I neglected to have her spayed when she was younger, and in the 12-15 estrus cycles she has endured over the years without pregnancy, the uterine wall has undergone changes that favor the growth of bacteria, which results in pyometra.

Since I am responsible, Tzuri insists, my penance is to wear the cone of shame and give her double treats every day.

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Soul of a Champion

Tzuri struggles to compete but she hasn’t lost that winning (“never give up”) attitude.

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Romping in a Winter Wonderland

Tzuri is not impressed with a beautiful mid-May snowfall in Yellowstone & the Tetons. “Been there, done that,” she says.

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Grazin’ in the Poop Patch

Tzuri visits the pet area at our motel in Montana only to find elk and deer munching the grass and refusing to budge.

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Still Got Game?

an update on Tzuri’s mobility

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