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  • tzuri at Bay Pines
  • tzuri20150309_100338 as Smart Object-1
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  • Sarah & Bleu


my grown up lil’ wolf-girl in b.&w.

tzuri at Bay Pines

 – dripping wet, w/ stick “rescued” from Boca Ciega Bay –

:) :) :)

What, Me Worry?

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

But fleas and ticks will never hurt me.

tzuri20150309_100338 as Smart Object-1

We were doing serious battle with Florida fleas until just recently when we switched from that worthless OTC topical called ‘Frontline’ which is supposed to be a monthly application but we were dosing 3/month to no effect.

Now we use an internal poison, Nexgard. If that doesn’t work, I’ll switch to mustard gas and flame throwers.

We hate fleas!

:) :) :)

A Foggy Morning

tzuri20150224_7258 as Smart Object-1

Bay Pines War Veterans Memorial Park, overlooking Boca Ciega Bay.

:) :) :)

Bad Hair Day

Tzuri – who is officially classified as a ‘long coat’ German Shepherd – shed a ton of hair when we left Northern California and stopped for a while in Tempe, Az.

Then she started growing it back again as soon as we got to Florida!

tzuri20150210_6892 as Smart Object-1

Note the uneven chunks of hair on her right flank.

tzuri20150210_6896 as Smart Object-1

No matter – she’s as playful as ever.

:) :) :)

The Bath

I post this picture of my friend Sarah (recently deceased) giving Bleu a bath on the off-chance that I can convince my dog – who has NEVER had a bath – that it might be fun to actually lather up once in a while.

Sarah & Bleu

You watching this, Tzuri?

muddy paws20150114_5571 as Smart Object-1

And Lordy does she need a-washin’ now & then, muddy paws and all!

:) :) :)



Tzuri is an incurable “Romantic” in the ideological sense of never being satisfied with the status quo, always thinking the grass is greener somewhere down the road.  (Wonder where she got that affliction from?)  We left the West Coast for the Gulf Coast one month ago and already she’s itching to go back.

:) :) :)

tzuri20141116_074515 as Smart Object-1

– sand dunes along the Pacific Ocean near Clam Beach, CA. –

Indecent Exposure

‘Tis the season of short days and long shadows.  But Tzuri and I have found green grass and sunny skies, and she’s lovin’ it!


:) :) :)


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