Big Sister


– Tzuri meets a look-alike and adopts her as a big sister –

[best viewed in full screen mode]

😀 🙂 😀

5 Comments on “Big Sister

  1. It’s fascinating to see animals with their instinctive knowing of heirarchy, usually without contest, circling, bowing, shy youngster before the elder (something humans should adopt). The range of Tzuri’s experiences with you is wonderfully touching, and now she’s found a friend who looks like her! I remember similar childhood surprises. I always get a bit of a sense of watching a Romanoff child being introduced to life when I see you together on these vast lawns and meadows or riverside with Tzuri. Not just the tender care, instruction, preparation you have with her but the sense that her skills are being tempered for her eventual rule of vast kingdoms. As always, she’s gorgeous. Ball is neat too.


    • So much more so than Florida, Montana has rivers and fields galore for romping in. I just can’t believe how much she has socially matured since we got here, and yet retained her puppiness! That’s her favorite ball, too.


  2. I guessed wrong last week (or whenever). Did not realize that Tzuri had more solid black on the muzzle until the two were together in that shot. Shows you how observant I am (not)! She definitely has her eye on the ball.


    • Ginny actually is even more faded out than it appears but I enhanced her in Photoshop before I sent the picture to her owner. 🙂


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