Git Along, Little Dogies


– Tzuri meets a herd of cows & is thankful there is a fence between them –

[best viewed in full screen mode]

😀 🙂 😀

9 Comments on “Git Along, Little Dogies

  1. She cracks me up. I remember an occasion with our previous poodle pup. He used to be so ferocious barking and snarling at cattle when we were in the van. Then one time we got stopped as the cows were being herded down the road. They were surrounding the van and Dude was barking like mad….. until I let the window down. There was this one tiny little “woof” and then he hid behind me.

    Tzuri is definitely getting an education.


    • I have been fortunate to be able to introduce her to lots and lots of new situations. If she had more time around cows, I’m sure she would adjust to them. Thanks…


  2. What a treat, she’s just wonderful. Great music, too.
    I have the feeling the cows wanted Tzuri to come on their side and play. They smell really different but were they mistaken for very large dogs? It reminds me of introducing a 3 year old to the ocean…it’s all Are We There Yet, replaced at the shore line by WHOA!
    I love seeing that fabulous land you’re in, the mist rising up at the horizon and day breaking, so beautiful. And, though it doesn’t need to be said, Tzuri’s tail is pure Hollywood gorgeous.


    • The cows were definitely curious, and what surprised this city boy is how bold they were. I thought from the old cowboy movies that all you had to do was yell at them and wave your bandanna and they would stampede and provide cover while the good guy got away. 😀


  3. Just saw Tzuri and the cows … When she started barking at the cattle, Rani went crazy running around the house barking and looking out the front and back doors for Tzuri, the source of all the commotion and barking. She thanks you and Tzuri for the entertainment. Love “Thursdays with Tzuri.


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