– friends don’t let friends play alone –

[best viewed in full screen mode]

😀 🙂 😀

9 Comments on “Friends

  1. Really you can feel their leaping hearts making for happiness that near levitates. Fabulous that you’re documenting this time in Tzuri’s life, your time in Montana. So great, for all of the doggies there are endless playmates. Makes me want to go to a park and frollic around the slides and swings and splash in a lake with buddies. Something I haven’t done in awhile and probably need to. You’re giving her such wonderful experiences.
    That place by the river, at first I thought it was raked sand but see it doesn’t move tihe all the activity. Is it a concrete boat ramp or something? Looks like a place that gets a lot of attention and upkeep, so very pretty.


    • Yes, what you are referring to is a boat ramp on the Yellowstone River, which in turn is one edge of the dog park we frequent. The pristine green grass is another dog park in a nearby town. Tzuri get around! Thanks…


  2. That looks like a fantastic dog park. So much room to run and play and the dogs all get along. Even a river to cool off in. Priceless.


    • Not only a river but also a small doggie pool (actually a slow moving creek) which will be featured in an upcoming blog. Thanks…


  3. I see Tzuri is much braver now about walking right into the river! I love how Tzuri and Stella shift into high speed at the end! I have no plans to leave the Oregon coast. I’m still posting pictures from last year’s journey out here. Looking forward to seeing where you go next. Are you going to introduce her to the beach? Blanca, also of herding dog stock, was similarly alarmed (more like terrified) at meeting cows!


    • Tzuri can’t even begin to keep up with the pointers and setters and labs, but she loves to chase anyway. Her strategy is to try and cut them off at an angle. Yes, sometime in Sept we are due to hit the Oregon coast where I hope to find some long desolate beaches.


    • Until just now, I hadn’t watched this video in about three years. It brought tears to my eyes seeing her so playful, because now she is not. At about 18 months she changed. She is still 100% people friendly but not so with dogs. At least, not automatically. She is obedient so I can walk her near other dogs, but she makes her displeasure known. 🙂


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