new dog teaches old man a trick or two

Poops & Piddles

Restraint is anathema to me. Jail cells are no fun but even worse is being handcuffed behind the back.

So the idea of confining a new puppy behind bars gave me such nightmares that I ended up buying three dog crates of different sizes.

car crate

The mid-sized carrier in the car for the five-hour ride home Tzuri readily adapted to. She was drowsy from breakfast and stretched out quietly on a towel redolent with the memory of her mother.

The Queen-sized ‘luxury’ crate at home I placed in a central location with good visibility. The basic idea is a pup will not soil the small confines of her close personal space. Put food and water bowls inside, and presto! – Tzuri had a den, a safe haven.

dog crate

🙂 [posturepedic bedding w/ satin sheets not shown] 🙂

I leave the door ajar 90% of the time and Tzuri goes in and out at will. Not a single poop in the crate or the house so far! Of course, I have adjusted my biorhythms to hers and watch her constantly; I try to give her zero opportunity for ‘accidents’.

[Yes, there have been a few piddles on carpets, which are more difficult to predict because she doesn’t circle and sniff before squatting.]

At 9 ½ weeks, Tzuri is still in the 4-5 naps per day stage. She sleeps soundly enough for me to leave and run errands when I need to.

dog crate

At night? I have a cute little baby crate for her right next to my bed. The first night she whined to go out four times. In less than a week that rate dropped down to one-to-none per seven hour stint.

🙂 [Hardly a bother, truth be told, because I myself get up twice that often.] 🙂

Moral of the story?

The knee-jerk anthropomorphizing of my confinement fears hindered understanding of the centuries-in-the-making genetic disposition of Canis lupus. Pups actually prefer small snug enclosures where they can curl up and feel safe. And the bonus perk to voluntary incarceration is almost instant house-training!

In the less than two weeks of our togetherness Tzuri has become a healthy, happy, confident & beloved companion.


Which is not to say we haven’t had some ‘problems’.  I have a dozen or so boo-boos from this headstrong lil’ rascal to prove it!

🙂 🙂 🙂

[To Be Continued…]

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