The Red Bandanna

A few days ago Tzuri & I trotted down to my old stompin’ grounds in Naples and she promptly fell in love with Cyrus.

Cyrus, however, certainly didn’t have time for teenybopper girls and mostly had only one thing on his mind, chasing rabbits.  With nary a passing glance he left Tzuri whimpering in the lurch and darted nose-to-the-ground into the brush .

🙂 Note fresh scratches on his face from the briar patch 🙂


Not to be denied, Tzuri hatched a plan to make herself more attractive.  She noticed that Cyrus wore a red scarf and figured if she had one too, surely that would win him over.

And it must be a very special scarf, Tzuri reasoned, because sometimes – like when we went into a Mexican restaurant for enchiladas – Scott grabbed it away from Cyrus and slung it around his own neck.

scottTzuri begged and begged until Scott finally found another scarf she could wear.

tzuri w/ scarf

The knot wasn’t even tight yet before she was imploring Cyrus to notice her.



And for a moment I thought it might just be a match made in heaven.

tzuri and cyrus

But just as Cyrus was starting to drool in her direction, Tzuri came to her senses.  She doesn’t tolerate neckties, she suddenly remembered – and (like her master) commitment is apparently not her forte, either.


🙂 🙂 🙂

6 Comments on “The Red Bandanna

  1. Sterling Bandanna Fest, man and beast. Tzuri looks totally smitten. Cyrus with ears back and Tzuri leaning in for the sound of his sweet nothings is marvelously classic amour. But my favorite is the following one with her head against his big brawny chest. Ah love. What a great fun time you’re giving her. And she’s giving you. And given the chance, Cyrus.


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  3. What fun to capture the two friends at play … Rani, which in Hindi means Royal Princess, is a indeed a well dressed princess … she runs to you to make sure she gets her new kerchief … wouldn’t leave home without it.


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