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Dream Come True

All my life I have wanted to find a place where my best friend could run free.

tzuri in N. Calif

:) :) :)


What’s a pile of leaves for except to play in!


:) :) :)


Pot of Gold



Does she find it?  See the rest of the story at:

Snow Ball

When Tzuri first gazed up at Mt. Shasta from down in the valley, she was awestruck.

tzuri on Shasta

And when we finally got up there, she stopped dead in her tracks.

tzuri on Shasta

Even normally fun things to climb up on seemed pale by comparison.

tzuri on Shasta

tzuri on Shasta

But not for long.  Soon she began to explore.

tzuri on Shasta

 And like a gift from Heaven, suddenly a playmate materialized!

Rocky with tennis ball

His name was “Rocky” and he brought along a tennis ball.

Rocky with tennis ball

Challenge accepted!

Tzuri & Rocky

Tzuri tries.  She gamely kicks into burst mode but she’s really not very fast.

tzuri shasta

She can never seem to catch a determined opponent.


So she has learned to be crafty. “Cut ‘em off at an angle” is her motto.


No matter, it is guaranteed that a good time will be had by all.


:) :) :)



Putting on the Dog

Did your parents ever dress you up in some silly outfit as a child?

In my day boys got their picture taken as either Roy Rogers or Popeye the Sailor Man.

tzuri with scarf

Tzuri doesn’t like it any more than I did.

:( :( :(

Auf Wiedersehen

Tzuri has requested that we suspend her weekly video series.

Tzuri20140808_2251 as Smart Object-1

She sends licks & wags to her three loyal fans.

:( :( :(

3 Days, 3 Rivers


- drifting downstream in search of Autumn -

[best viewed in full screen mode]

:D :) :D


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